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Triplechanger Astrotrain gets the Classics treatment with this new posable mode that changes from shuttle to bullet train to robot and back again!

astrotrain_box.jpg astrotrain_shuttle.jpg astrotrain_robot.jpg
Character Info
Name: Astrotrain
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Psy-Ops Warrior
Motto: The enemy's weakness is his uncertainty.
Toy Specs
Size Class: Deluxe
Price: 9.99
Release Date: September 2006
Wave of Release: Wave 1
Product Number: 81294
Asst. Number: 81273
SKU Number: 653569182696
Target Age: 5+
Redeco of: None
Exclusive: No
Variants: None
Parts: Gun
Hype Line 1: Converts from Space Shuttle to Train to Robot and Back!
Hype Line 2: Retractable Landing Gear!
Hype Line 3: Ionic Displacer Rifle Attaches to Train!
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Transformers Classics - AstroTrain
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ASTROTRAIN thrives on panic and fear. Though he is mainly used as a transport vehicle for moving warriors and supplies, he only truly feels at home pounding AUTOBOT® warriors into scrap metal. His ionic displacer rifle can scramble AUTOBOT sensors, causing confusion in the enemy ranks, and his huge bulk casts a terrifying shadow across a battlefield. Those AUTOBOTS® who survive a fight with ASTROTRAIN often need only hear the echoing boom of his engines in the distance to once again quake in fear.
Technical Data (Tech Spec):

Astrotrain has seemingly become a favorite with our friends in Hasbro. After what seemed like a last-second addition to the United States G1 Re-Issue line, G1 Astrotrain was added to Hasbro's as an exclusive figure. Not so long later, Master Collector/Fun Publications announced their first fan club exclusive figure -- the originally canned Universe Astrotrain figure (Armada Jetfire repaint) with a new sculpted head. And soon after that, the first images of Classics Astrotrain were released and the hype began. But can this triplechanger stand his own hype?

Shuttle Mode
I'm not going to lie - it appears to me that more time was spent on Astrotrain's shuttle and robot mode than his bullet train mode. The transformation between the two alternate modes is eerily similar to his G1 figure and that may have been done on purpose. The shuttle alternate mode is the strongest of the two alternate modes for this triplechanger, which allows it to hold some realism. There's even little wheels that pop out from the front which was a nice touch. The shuttle mode is strong and shorter than the train mode, and looks good. Hence why he's packaged as such.

Bullet Train Mode
I can't say that I dislike this mode, because I do like it. But it just feels a little cheap, a little "last-second" thrown together. Now if I get an E-mail telling me it's the other way around, I'm going to feel like an ass. But that's the feeling I get when I hold this toy in my hands. Kind of like the G1 Astrotrain, the shuttle wings fold down over the side to help create the illusion of a train. I'm quite surprised how long this train mode is, but it just doesn't do it for me. The weakest of the three modes.

Between the two alternate modes, you literally flip one or two pieces (usually his feet and his wings) and you're done. To transform him to his robot mode, you simply pull the legs out from the waist, open the legs and the arms, flip/pull-out the necessary pieces, flip up the head and the wings, and walla, you have Astrotrain. A very simple toy that would be a great first test for your young child if he/she has never played with a Transformer that has a little more complex transformation than some of the other previous mainline figures.

Robot Mode
The best thing about Astrotrain, as in the entire figure, is his paint applications. They're nearly dead-on for Generation One homage. His head sculpt looks exactly like Astrotrain, and he's the only figure (shockingly) with a G1-esque weapon (purple rifle). His articulation is there, but it's weak in the legs. They use swivel hinges as opposed to any ball joints, and the kibble on his back and just the construction of his legs limits the articulation.

His arms seem very loose, especially the "cover" that disguises them in his alternate modes. It just seems to want to slide down and cover his hands at will. However he does manage to look nice, it's just when you start to "play" with him that the toy begins to disappoint. Easily the weakest figure released in Wave 1.

Astrotrain has his high points and he has his low points. In my opinion, Astrotrain is the weakest of the first wave of Classics figures. His nostalgia/homage is dead on, but he's a case where it's going to take more than looking like the original to be an excellent toy. We here at would recommend Astrotrain as a toy that's great for young kids to play with, fans of the original Astrotrain, or collectors looking to complete the line. If you had to spend your money on only one of the deluxe sized figures, we recommend one of the other three of this first wave.

Playability: 7
Paint Applications: 10
Articulation: 7
Realism: 8
Difficulty: 7

Overall Score: 7.8


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