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Optimus Prime Vs Megatron 2 Pack with DVD

"I would've waited an eternity for this... it's over, Prime." The legendary rivalry between Optimus Prime of the Autobots and Megatron of the Decepticons bursts into action in the Transformers Battle Through Time gift set, featuring Optimus Prime, Megatron, and a bonus DVD!

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Character Info
Name: Optimus Prime Vs Megatron 2 Pack with DVD
Faction: Autobot / Decepticon
Function: Leaders
Toy Specs
Size Class: Voyager (Special Assortment)
Price: 19.99
Release Date: November 2006
Wave of Release: N/A
Product Number: 81401
Asst. Number: 81401
SKU Number: 653569206057
Target Age: 5+
Redeco of: None
Exclusive: No
Variants: None
Parts: N/A
Hype Line 1: Includes EXCLUSIVE DVD!
Hype Line 2: Optimus Prime - Power Punch Action!
Hype Line 3: Megatron - Spinning Battle Blade!
Optimus Prime Vs Megatron 2 Pack with DVD On Ebay Right Now...
Transformers Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime VS Megatron
Transformers The Ultimate Battle Optimus vs. Megatron
Transformers Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime vs. Megatron
Transformers Optimus prime/Megatron Ultimate Battle
Long before the dawn of man on Earth, the war between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS raged. Two titans - huge metal warriors, each committed to total victory - emerged as leaders. OPTIMUS PRIME, wise, just and gentle despite having strength enough to move mountains took command of the AUTOBOT forces, hoping to lead his people to peace and freedom. MEGATRON, an evil, destructive tyrant bent on total domination of the universe and all its resources led his DECEPTICONS on an endless war of conquest. For millions of years, their battle has raged like fire across the galaxy, and now they are here on Earth in a fight to the finish that will determine the fate of the planet and all its people.
Due to the nature of this review (two figures in one package), the first half of the review will focus on OPTIMUS PRIME, and the second half on MEGATRON. The final portion of the review will consist of the exclusive DVD that came with the package and the contents that are contained within.


Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 6
Endurance: 10
Rank: 10
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 8
Skill: 10

Before we begin the review, it's important to note that this figure is different from the VOYAGER SIZE OPTIMUS PRIME figure. Not just in size, but in every sense of the word. This OPTIMUS PRIME figure is very much based upon the original Generation 1 figure (which works well, as MEGATRON is a direct homage to his Generation 2 figure).

Vehicle Mode
The vehicle mode is meant to be the classic OPTIMUS PRIME truck-cab mode, minus the trailer. There has been no love for the trailer of OPTIMUS PRIME, as nearly every incarnation in the last couple years has come without one (20th Prime, Takara's first Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Classics Prime in every shape and form). If the trailer is anything like the vehicle here, then Hasbro did us some justice because, in all honesty, the vehicle mode (while a homage) is pretty craptastic. Allow me to explain. The feature of this figure is the "power punch action" as the box describes. Because of that, he has a switch that, when you push it, will cause his torso/chest to spin around, as if he was giving a power punch. The problem is, he spins ALL the way around, often finishing his punch facing backwards. This "feature" is workable in his robot mode, but it does not seem to be the case in his vehicle mode, so the front cab section will often move about on its own. Because of the transformation and battle feature of this mold, the cab actually sticks out at the top and gets skinnier as you get to the base. That means the grill and headlines are actually indented, while his windows are sticking out. He does have smokestacks though, which is a pleasant surprise. His legs are poorly connected to the torso, meaning it's nearly impossible to get the figure to be in vehicle mode and look proper - his legs are always bending or swiveling. The coolest feature has to be his gun, which transforms from a mounted cannon in his vehicle mode to a laser blaster in robot form. A cool piece but not enough to save this figure.

Just drop him and he'll transform enough on his own! ...All kidding aside, the transformation is simple yet not the same as you would expect in his Generation 1 self. Remove the mounted cannon and separate the legs if they have not done so on their own already (mounting the cannon in the slot is actually formed by the two legs coming together, so if you press just hard enough, the cannon will cause the legs to split). Pull his feet up. Pull his arms out, as you would with Generation 1 Prime, and move the wheels up to his side and slide his torso forward. If you're lucky, this will work. If you're a normal human being, the torso is most likely going to disconnect, leaving you with an OPTIMUS PRIME in two pieces. But that's okay, because it's just a simple plastic hinge that holds your figure together (ugh!). Flip the fists out and then flip his head up (the cover is spring-loaded). To keep Prime from flailing about like a child with a severe case of A.D.D., line his chest up perfectly and pull the black "tab" out as far as it can go until it snaps. That will hold him in place long enough to pose him, if you'd like to. The gun simply folds out in to a long cannon, which will sit in his fist.

Robot Mode
The first thing you will notice is the abnormal amount of yellow. For the last five years or so, Hasbro has fallen in love with the color yellow. Any repaint of a past OPTIMUS PRIME was a yellow repaint (oh ROBOTS IN DISGUISE OPTIMUS PRIME, how I miss you in non-yellow colors). The second thing you will notice is the light-piping in his face - he has AMAZING bug-eyes. Seriously, hold him to the light and you will have a nightmare regarding him invading your home while you sleep. It's just frightening! He has 16 points of overall articulation, 17 if you want to count his free-swinging chest with the POWER PUNCH ACTION! The figure itself may not look pretty, but if you can get past that he can be put in to some incredible poses. The question is, do you want to display him? He does retain the classic OPTIMUS PRIME look from Generation 1, which is another plus. But the POWER PUNCH ACTION is a major deturrent, even if it's meant to be a cool thing for kids (granted Prime doesn't fall apart during transformation).

This OPTIMUS PRIME vs. MEGATRON figure is not the greatest. For what you get for what you pay, overall, it's a nice deal. But the figure himself is not one of the shining moments of the TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS line. Perhaps kids will enjoy him, but most collectors will be turned off to the figure and struggle to find reasons to enjoy him. The gun is still the most amazing piece of this entire package. We recommend this figure to serious collectors. For casual collectors, we issue a "purchase at your own risk" warning. And for parents shopping for their kids, the price isn't bad for what you get but if you want a real deal, go with the VOYAGER OPTIMUS PRIME figure. Your child may end up in tears if he breaks this OPTIMUS PRIME in half.


Strength: 10
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 6
Endurance: 10
Rank: 10
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 10
Skill: 7

This version of our favorite villian is based off of his Generation 2 figure, which was a green with purple camoflauge military tank. This was the answer to MEGATRON not being able to be a gun in the early 1990's after US safety laws had made it too difficult to pass off toy guns, even if they transform in to super cool robots. MEGATRON features a SPINNING BATTLE BLADE which is very similar to CYBERTRON EVAC's blade.

Vehicle Mode
Megatron's vehicle mode is a tank. The tank's main cannon is actually the SPINNING BATTLE BLADE, but in vehicle mode the red button to activate the blade is useless. MEGATRON's secondary weapon, a handheld gun, sits atop the tank, much akin to his Generation 2 HERO MEGATRON release as well as the original Generation 2 release. Overall, the tank mode has really no flaws, other than the tank cannon does nothing. You can move it up and down, but there's a good chance doing so will cause the weapon to fall apart, forcing you to reattach it.

First, remove the secondary weapon. Then, grab his waist and pull his legs and waist out from the under-carriage of the tank. Separate his legs and extend his feet out so he can stand. Rotate the tank top all the way around so the gun faces behind you. Separate the tank which reveal his arms, and pull them, matching the gray peg in to the open slot for both arms. Move the arms to their correct human-like positions, and you're done. Play with the big tank cannon to create a "blade" and the red button will make it spin! You spin me right round baby right round like a record player baby...

Robot Mode
What makes MEGATRON's robot mode so cool is that it's not the OPTIMUS PRIME robot mode. He has a total of 16 points of articulation, based on whether or not you count his SPINNING BATTLE BLADE as an articulated part of his body. Like OPTIMUS PRIME, he can be put in to some interesting poses. He retains that evil MEGATRON look in his head and face, though in robot mode he doesn't look all that similar to his Generation 2 incarnation. His paint applications are mostly dark gray, green, and copper. There's a bit of off-white and red thrown in for detailing.

MEGATRON is oodles better than his packing partner, OPTIMUS PRIME. He's almost good enough to save this VERSUS set altogether. But, again, the piece that saves this entire package is the price - 19.99. And the fact you get a DVD. For those interested in this pack, the MEGATRON helps make this set worth the purchase. We recommend this MEGATRON figure to everyone, collectors and kids alike.

DVD - The Ultimate Battle
Packaged with OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON comes a DVD created soley for this package entitled "THE ULTIMATE BATTLE", which advertises that it tells the story of the TRANSFORMERS. There's also a lovely warning that the DVD is not a toy and requires parental supervision. Good to know!

The DVD is nararrated by GARY CHALK, who has voiced many OPTIMUS PRIME incarnations over the last decade and a half, including OPTIMUS PRIMAL in three seasons of BEAST WARS, OPTIMUS PRIMAL in BEAST MACHINES, and OPTIMUS PRIME in ARMADA, ENERGON, and CYBERTRON. The actual "history" that is explained is the recently-concluded Transformers Trilogy of the Armada/Energon/Cybertron series. To say that this DVD is meant for kids is an understatement - it breezes through the overall story of the trilogy without ever stopping on any specific plotpoints. Some good moments are shown, such as SHOCKBLAST in Energon, MEGATRON being sealed up in his own dimension in Cybertron, and various transformation scenes. The best part though, is the uber-fast-forward cut of all three series' ending credits to the ARMADA theme, easily the best of the three.

Package, Overall
It's 19.99 USD. You get two figures, one leaning towards crappy, one that's pretty solid, and a DVD to help ease the pain (unless you hated the trilogy series, in which case it may add to your pain). For this set, in conclusion we do recommend it to parents for their kids. You can't beat two toys and a DVD for 19.99. In terms of collectors, for the price you pay it's not a bad deal and if you can stomach it, we recommend it. To the casual collector just looking to pick up cool figures, we say pass.

The MEGATRON in this package is also being sold separately in EUROPE. At the time of this review, there has been no indication on whether or not he will be featured as a separate figure in the North American CLASSICS line.


Playability: 8
Paint Applications: 7
Articulation: 8
Realism: 5
Difficulty: 6

Overall Score: 6.8


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