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The seekers continue in Transformers Classics with this remolding of Starscream to feature the cone-head styling of Generation 1!

ramjet-alt.jpg ramjet-robot.jpg
Character Info
Name: Ramjet
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Warrior
Motto: "There ain't nothin' around harder than my head."
Toy Specs
Size Class: Deluxe
Price: 9.99
Release Date: March 2007
Wave of Release: Wave 3
Product Number: 82867
Asst. Number: 82867/81273
Target Age: 5+
Redeco of: None (Remold of Starscream)
Exclusive: No
Variants: None
Parts: 2 Missle Launchers, 2 Missles
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The DECEPTICONS are known for fielding their craziest warriors in the skies, but RAMJET really outclasses them all. He's a born flier who loves nothing more than crashing. Sure, he's got a whole rack of concussion missiles and argon lasers strong enough to vaporize a DINOBOT, but he'd rather skip all that nonsense and just smash head first in to his targets - and anything else that gets in his way. He's just as likely to smash his allies out of the way as he is to destroy any AUTOBOTS in his path, but watching him plow through a battlefield is so fun MEGATRON keeps him around anyway.
Technical Data (Tech Spec):

When the TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS line was first announced and the figure of STARSCREAM was shown, every Generation 1 fan clamored and begged for the other Seekers (fan name for the Decepticon jets) to be created. SKYWARP and THUNDERCRACKER could be straight repaints of STARSCREAM, but to create RAMJET, DIRGE, and THRUST would take remolding and retooling to the existing mold. Hasbro did not disappoint, and the first of the three "coneheads" is now available to collectors and casual fans alike.

Vehicle Mode
RAMJET's vehicle mode is his classic Generation 1 vehicle mode, with the same updated paint application that STARSCREAM and SKYWARP received. A slightly retooled body, with wing flaps on his side that maneuver around in his robot form, along with retooled wings and missiles, create a brand new figure out of an existing mold. The only downside RAMJET has in vehicle mode is the absence of any kind of landing gear (but his bio says he's more likely to crash in to things, so it can be overlooked), and the fact that his face is visible if the jet is upside down to the retooling he received. If one can get past these incredibly slight downers, they have an amazing toy jet in their hands.

EDIT: Duh. Ramjet does have landing gear. I totally missed it in my review-writing haste. Thanks to Mark for the heads up!

RAMJET's transformation is more or less a mirror of STARSCREAM's and SKYWARP's transformation, with only a slight change. Pull the legs out from the back side and disconnect them from each other. Pull down his feet and remove his missiles from the wings, and the legs/feet are done. Unlike STARSCREAM and SKYWARP, nothing needs to be done to the wings, they are to be left exactly how they are. The new pieces are the two upper-portion wings -- simply flip them around so the color faces forward. Pull back on RAMJET's nose to separate the chest pieces and pull out the arms and flip the hands out. Flip the entire cockpit around 360 degrees, and then do the same with the very tip of the nose, revealing RAMJET's face. Manuever the cockpit down and snap everything back in to place, reapply the missiles to his arms, and walla! One Classic Ramjet standing in front of you. Proceed to google and awe in his beauty.

Robot Mode
A total of 13 points of articulation make up RAMJET - 3 on each arm, his head, and 3 on each leg. His head is interesting to move as it takes non-slippery fingers to do so. Why would your fingers be slippery? Don't ask me why, but mine were. And it makes it a pain in the you know what. His color scheme is perfect - whites, silvers, dark grays, and gold make up the accenuating parts, giving him his truly classic look (pun intended). Though many reports are coming in from collectors that the paint applications are not all perfect - my RAMJET in specific has chipped silver paint on the chest, others have paint smears on the cockpit, and one individual even got a RAMJET without a face! If yours has slight errors or none at all, feel fortunate, as this figure is very sought after and a prestine piece may one day collect a pretty penny.

RAMJET is one sexy piece of plastic. A true homage to his original figure with enough remolding and retooling to make him feel unique and original when he's really not is a winning combination in my book. The transformation is easy enough for the kids and enough to make him feel like a real Transformer to collectors. It's basically STARSCREAM, only better! We highly recommend this figure.


Playability: 10
Paint Applications: 9
Articulation: 9
Realism: 9
Difficulty: 9

Overall Score: 9.6


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